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651 S 30th St, Heath, OH 43056

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4.8 / 5 from reviews

We now carry more brands and a larger selection than ever before. Come in and see all the new products from Mesa Boogie, Orange, Heritage Guitars, Eastman Guitars, Music Man, Lakland Basses, Hofner, Hagstrom, Seagull, C.F. Martin and many more.

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Our Address
651 S 30th St, Heath, OH 43056

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One local business understands what's behind the products they sell and learns the true meaning of conservation and why we must save our planet.

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Review to "Guitar Guys"

Marc Duval
November 23, 2018

Top notch shop. Excellent customer service skills practiced as well as great communication for all my concerns. All e mails and questions answered ver quickly. Brandon understands people and business and there is an expressed appreciation for his customers on big or small purchases. Guitar garage band player and hobbyist for 40 years. Highly recommended.

Matthew Mooney
August 27, 2018

I bought online, so I can't speak for the storefront though I hope one day to make the trip to see what looks like a wide variety and inventory. I was really impressed with the website and the high resolution pictures, not just two or three but many and from every angle. They didn't miss a beat on the listing, description or details and that's why they got my money. Plain and simple. Excellent back and forth, quickly and safely shipped. Flawlessly done guys. Hope to see you soon, I wish you the best and keep up the good work!

Bill Laing
October 19, 2018

Great Guys! They always have what need as far as gear. Very helpful, answered all my questions. Lots and lots of awesome stuff!

Jodi Foltz
December 04, 2018

We found our daughters first violin. Not too expensive for our little beginner and help on sizing and still making it a surprise.

July 26, 2018

Fantastic music store. Huge guitar inventory. Very knowledgeable sales people. Price matching on most items. Very good teachers for most instruments. Live sound, drums, and large selection of acoustic instruments. Great people to deal with and learn from. A candy store for musicians!


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