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Pugh’s Designer Jewelers

44 S 2nd St, Newark, OH 43055

About Pugh’s Designer Jewelers

4.7 / 5 from reviews

Pugh's Designer Jewelers one goal is to offer wonderful jewelry at a reasonable price and backed by exceptional customer service.

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Our Address
44 S 2nd St, Newark, OH 43055

Pugh's Designer Jewelers

Posted by Town Coupon Deals on Friday, September 14, 2018

Review to "Pugh’s Designer Jewelers"

Jenette Morgan
December 09, 2018

I have not been inside. however I continuously hear of sales and other promotions through various radio advertisements and have met a few of the staff while visiting The Works...The staff are respectable, knowledgeable and seem to have a mild mannerism about themselves that whatever your questions-you feel as though you are talking to a friend. I am not knowledgeable about jewelry and do not pretend otherwise. Thanks for not talking down at me and helping me to better understand the answers of my ignorant questions.(Ignorance-to not know any better)

Matthew Starner
August 31, 2018

Great service. Changed the 3 batteries in my watch and cleaned a wedding ring for $20! Helped me look for new watches and were super friendly. I would highly recommend.

Alan Kea
May 10, 2018

Awesome, friendly service. Highly recommend for any jewelry purchase or repair needs. Great business.

Aimee Williams
February 01, 2018

Always 100% professional customer service.

Craig Morrison
June 14, 2017

Very helpful, knowledgeable staff makes you feel comfortable and valued. It was a pleasure to work with them to buy an engagement ring and wedding bands.


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