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Vance Outdoors

150 Arrowhead Blvd, Hebron, OH 43025

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4.4 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
150 Arrowhead Blvd, Hebron, OH 43025

Reviews for "Vance Outdoors"

Scott Foresta
December 28, 2018

I bought a bow for my son from Vance Outdoors for Christmas. I made three trips. One to check them out with my son, one to purchase the bow and one to set it up. We worked with Alex all three times. Knowing my son and I have limited experience in archery, Alex did his best to help us select the right bow, not the fanciest or most expensive. My son shot 3 different bows before deciding which one was best. After Christmas we went back to set the bow up for my son. Alex worked extra hours to make sure we were taken care of the first time. He had my 16 year old shooting arrows one on top another at their range before we left. Alex left a lasting impression on my son and I thank you for that! I hope we'll be back soon to set me up as well!

Frank Jennings
January 16, 2019

Bought a pistol for $900. The employee waiting on me was either disinterested in helping me or just lazy. I would ask a question and rather than say I will check, he would say "I dont know, whatever is in the box." They were not busy at all at the time, so I feel there was no excuse for not even attempting to answer my questions about what came with the gun.

Robert Wince
November 01, 2018

The only place I buy my firearms. The employees there are extremely nice and very helpful. The prices seem to be cheaper or on par with other places as well.

steven brewer
September 09, 2018

I needed a new safe brought to me. They told me to call moderne safe out of Dayton. I couldn’t of asked for better movers. They had car trouble early on day and even after telling them done stress or worry they made sure to still do it same day quoted. Thanks Moderne safe

Bill Shaw
October 19, 2018

Great place! Best prices, and there is always something good on sale, and in stock!


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