Local Economic Renaissance

Newark is experiencing a rebirth and growth renaissance. Beginning at the town center, quad traffic circles facilitate more parking availability and traffic flow improvements coupled with the completed courthouse renovation, downtown Newark’s revamped infrastructure has poised the city for tremendous prosperity.

With growing emphasis on the national “Shop Local” initiative, small towns and municipalities are rebuilding their business infrastructure through community development grant funds and private sources. As a result of this activity, both the town and the surrounding community are better off economically for it.

The recovery and health of our local economy can not be sustained by government grants and private sector funds alone. Continued growth requires the collective efforts of all of us and you can start by making a commitment to spend just $20 locally. Don’t think that it will make a difference? Think again. It absolutely will!

To prove that it’s true, while we looking around for supporting statistics, our search turned up something even better! We found an Impact Calculator and added it to the site to give you and idea of what just a small amount of spending locally, instead of with national brand and big box stores, can mean to your community.

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