Local Economic Renaissance

Our city is now experiencing a rebirth and growth renaissance beginning with the town center. New traffic circles now facilitate more efficient traffic flow and parking. Other improvements including the completed courthouse renovation have poised the city of Newark for tremendous prosperity through its revamped infrastructure.

And now thanks to state and national initiatives which have placed more emphasis on the need for its citizens to “Shop Local”, smaller towns and municipalities are progressively rebuilding or revamping their business districts. As a result of this activity, both the towns and their surrounding communities are better off economically.

Make no mistake, the fact is, the marked recovery and health of our local economy can not be sustained by grants or even private sector funds alone. Continued and sustained growth requires the collective buying power of the entire community. If you don’t think that it will make a difference, think again because it absolutely will!

To further drive home the point, we’ve added an Impact Calculator to the website, which is an interesting and interactive application that we feel hopefully, by using it, it will give you a much better idea of how a small amount of local spending can make a very large impact in our community and specifically on our local economy.


Do you have a local business?

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