The $20 Shift

8January 2019

Can $20 Bucks Really Make A Difference?

You hear it more and more these days “Shop Local’, “Buy Local” , Support Your Local Area Merchants”. It’s a trend that is not likely to diminish and in fact large corporate concerns like ‘American Expresses’s annual Small Business Saturday have taken notice and have lended their support to the cause that is not

When we set out to illustrate the importance of supporting local businesses by patronizing their establishments we never dreamed that the point could be driven home as dramatically as with this little calculation utility that we found

The fact is, you can’t completely get your head around the impact that you can have on your local economy by simply shifting a small portion of your spending.

Want to make a difference in your community? Use the calculator below to see how little changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in the community. Refocusing just $20 of your current spending toward local businesses (instead of online, national, or big-box merchants) can have a major impact in our community!

Enter area’s *estimated population:

*The current estimated population of Newark, Ohio is 48,477.
You can find estimated populations for other areas by Googling
the search term “City Name State area population” .



Do you have a local business?

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