Food Trucks?

6February 2019

Rolling Restaurants: Isn’t It Just About Time?

Like the seasons, the wheels on the trucks go round and round. That is until they don’t.

And when they don’t, it usually means it’s because they’re parked somewhere and serving up delicious arrangements of food from bagel sandwiches to tacos.

Fall is fast approching. The days of backyard barbecuing are fading fast so getting your rib fix is going to require a trip to a local restaurant or if, you’re lucky you can score some excellent ribs or other delectable fare from one of the local area food trucks that’s sure to pop up nearby at early and mid season fairs, farmer’s markets or other public gatherings and fall celebrations.

Food trucks don’t always have to be on a conventional vehicle chassis. Area food vendors we’ve located like Deb’s American Grill and Tappo Mobile Tap an event catering service are serving up chilled beverages and mouth watering treats from mobile trailers equipped to deliver unforgettable and pallet pleasing experiences.

Rolling Around Town…

So far, we’ve been able to locate few trucks that are making rounds locally, including areas in Grandville, Johnstown and Pataskla. There may be more but we’ll leave finding them to you. Probably way more fun!

Got more?… We’re always on the lookout for great “rolling restaurants” so if you know, let us know where we can catch them!


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