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Buckeye Motor Car

1118 Mt Vernon Rd, Newark, OH 43055

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3.3 / 5 from reviews

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1118 Mt Vernon Rd, Newark, OH 43055

Reviews for "Buckeye Motor Car"

Gabriellia O'Donnell
January 08, 2019

They are nice and inviting to get you to actually buy a car. But things go allll kinds of crazy when you try to pay it off. Legally they have to mail you your title within 30 days. LEGALLY. But when contacted the manager proceeded to say “honey you need to calm down” and then LAUGHED when confronted about the legality of their actions. Do NOT give these people your business. Terrible place. Terrible people.

Tanner Treadway
October 21, 2018

Best place to buy a used car. Has some great deals and the best mechanic out there so you know its done right.

john william
December 31, 2018

Had leased a $5000 vehicle a few years ago from there, the brakes went out before I even got it home. Had to drive it back to their lot the next day with hardly any brakes at all to have those fixed.

Jen Magers
September 18, 2018

I bought my car here, I did buy one with higher milage and I really haven't had that many issues with it just a Mass Airflow sensor. I don't have the greatest credit but I paid it off early and they got me financed through Guardian finance and it's helped my credit score a bit and you get that $500 down back once you pay your car off. I also adore the little emo kid with the tattoos that takes your payments at the front desk he's an absolute Ray of sunshine.

Wendy Stapleton
June 06, 2018

Car was great while we had it but when we returned it in what they call immaculate condition but still said it needed all kinds of engine work. Saying seals were bad and a head needed to be fixed. In return we are not getting our deposit back. This car never leaked a drop of fluid while we had it let alone made any kind of noise indicating anything was wrong. Let alone none of the warning lights ever came on. So my recommendation is if you can avoid this place absolutely do it. Easy return policy my ass. If you are going to return the vehicle it doesn't matter if you take care of it or not you won't get your deposit back.


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