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Columbus Sleep Consultants – Newark Sleep Diagnostic Center

1900 Tamarack Rd #1908, Newark, OH 43055

About Columbus Sleep Consultants – Newark Sleep Diagnostic Center

1.8 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
1900 Tamarack Rd #1908, Newark, OH 43055

Reviews for "Columbus Sleep Consultants – Newark Sleep Diagnostic Center"

Taylor Dorn
July 12, 2018

The new P.A. there is wonderful. She seems to really want to help her patients. The previous Dr. there I was not a huge fan of. My sleep study here was better than my previous. Only thing I do not like about this office is how far they run behind. Though that's understandable based on the fact that they only have one physician there.

Dave Smith
November 03, 2015

This was one of the most unprofessional doctor's visits I've had. Starting with the receptionists and including the doctor. I'll start with my appointment. I had an appointment for 10:00. I didn't see Dr. Saha until noon. It was clear they forgot about me. They didn't offer any apology. When I finally saw the doctor, he seemed to be thinking about other things, like lunch. He kept playing with his laptop. When I answered his questions, his responses were things like "I see, that's nice" like he was having an empty conversation at the water cooler. At one point during my visit, a receptionist poked her head in the door and asked "are you almost done." After that, the doctor seemed even more rushed to finish. He didn't let me finish describing my symptoms. Because of his lack of attention and not letting me finish explaining myself, I had very little confidence in his prognosis or his prescription. I will not be going back. The receptionists were equally aloof. At one point one of them told me about the information I gave her: "Oh. I totally don't write that stuff down." Great. I "totally" won't be going back there.

Steven Wood
March 15, 2017

This is one of the most unprofessional offices ever. I was scheduled for a sleep study and a followup visit on Feb 8th and followup on Feb 23. I received no further communication from them but when i showed up for the study, I was not on the schedule and after checking was informed that my study had been rescheduled for Feb 26th. No contact or communication that there was a need to change it. Finally the office in Columbus called me to reschedule my followup appointment since it was now prior to my study. I rescheduled it for the 7th of March. There was an extended wait to see the doctor who was different from the first one. He rushed through my results so it turned out to be hurry up and wait for basically nothing. I will speak with my primary care physician to see if there is somwhere else I can go in the future.

Don Pirtle
November 07, 2017

I had a similar experience....he was over an hour late getting in the building. I had to change doctors.


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