Dr. David Applegett

771 S 30th St, Heath, OH 43056

About Dr. David Applegett

3.7 / 5 from reviews

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771 S 30th St, Heath, OH 43056

Reviews for "Dr. David Applegett"

brenda kanes
August 23, 2018

A very unpleasant and mean individual. I have been a patient for decades and only once had a problem. He was located in Lancaster and was transferred to Newark and I had not found someone local yet. In early 2018, for the first time ever I had pain in my eye and he turned into an absolute creep. He is normally mild-mannered, but not cheerful, friendly, amiable, good-humored, sympathetic or empathetic. It’s like he has a social disorder and he functions in a robotic or autistic manner until he encounters a problem and then he “wigs out” with anger. I was always healthy, pleasant and cheerful. He is unfeeling and uncaring. He gets you in, gets you out and gets himself paid with as little explanation as possible. If you’re healthy that’s okay, but what if you are in pain? He said in a frustrated manner “I can’t see anything wrong” standing and placing his hands on his hips in dramatic fashion. I asked for something to numb my eye so I could drive home. Begrudgingly he agreed, put a drop in my eye and sent me on my way. As I began home my other eye stared hurting like poked with a sharp pencil - a pinpoint spasm. I have never experienced this kind of thing before. I returned as I could not see to drive. He acted as if I was inconveniencing him. He looked at my eyes again and said he couldn’t find anything in my eyes. I was puzzled and asked “Dave, what can we do?” He responded “And that’s another thing - I don’t like being called Dave.” He told me to leave and never come back. I was incredulous! What a petty, nasty man.

Claudia Coffey
February 11, 2018

For my first eye exam, Dr. Applegett was very helpful and kind. The exam was very fast and exact. The staff who assisted with picking out my frames went above and beyond to tell us about what our insurance provides before we got too far in and worked hard to find out what was the best deal for us. I got two pairs of glasses that I love and for an incredibly low price! I would recommend this to anyone in search of affordable, yet quality eye care.

Brian Shriner
January 07, 2018

Very good eye exam, customer service associates were great, will definitely recommend the friends and colleagues. Thanks!

angie wood
January 18, 2019


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