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Family Urgent Care

607 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

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4.5 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
607 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

Reviews for "Family Urgent Care"

Liz Daubenspeck
March 10, 2019

Went to get a flu swab both me and my daughter we're not tested properly. They went into both nostrils so deep we bled. Also we're there past closing someone forgot us in the back room. I would not recommend toto family or friends.

Andrea Arnold
January 03, 2019

I really liked my nurse and doctor today. The wait was a little long but it was bearable. I cut my hand while washing dishes and had to get a tetanus shot. The nurse was very nice with the shot thank god because I am extremely nervous with needles. The doctor was very informative on how to take care of my wound and they are extremely curtious there. Thank you and I will be back

sara zarzyczny
February 05, 2019

Staff was very friendly, they diagnosed me with a cold after the test for the flu came back negative. The next day I ended up in the ER because I actually had pneumonia. So I don’t know if I would trust them To make a diagnosis I guess I’ll just have to go to the ER in the future

December 23, 2018

Horrible place- former worker BEWARE even if you don’t need strep test or flu they give it so they can charge your ins. Also lesia the head over everyone if you work there she will fire you for whatever and not care they do not value their employees or their customers. There’s so many things I could tell ya we would be here all day but just know SOME OF YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR BILLS For BEING OVER CHARGED!!!!!

clarissa lowry
June 28, 2018

Today I absolutely enjoyed my nurse and my doctor! However while waiting to be seen there was a women who I was later informed she was a manager at another location was very rude towards the staff. She looked towards my way didn’t acknowledge me or smile! I understand as management it can be a very difficult task but also as management you should be able to deal with situations appropriately and privately with staff! Also still be able to put a smile on your face a treat patients nicely no matter how hard the day is! Because of that women I will question if me or my family will return!


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