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Hometown Auto Sales

1850 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

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3.7 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
1850 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

Reviews for "Hometown Auto Sales"

Michael Hammond
January 19, 2019

Bought 2 cars from there past 2 years one for me and one for wife 2013 Hyundai accent and 2014 Chevy Cruze have not had any problems with either one and the people are friendly. They will let you look around without anyone coming to look over your shoulder or sales pressuring. If you see something you like you go in and talk to them about it. I like that, some people don't, but I do. Just leave me alone until I see something I like, that's my kind of place!

Cindy Hardway
December 17, 2018

Their vehicles are off the charts expensive. And they arent even high end cars.. There was no salesperson to greet us. We went and found them (3) inside, Nobody acted like they were in the mood to be bothered with selling a vehicle.

A Group of Penguins
August 05, 2018

Gotten two cars from them within the past 3 years. I'd say their cars a very reliable for the price, I'd know more if I didn't destroy the first one and the second one I bought for my mom and that one got hit about 4 months ago. I'd also like to mention that if your looking for your first car for around $5,000 get it from here, hands down the best place for your first car. Their nice people and they'll work with you.

Stephanie James
July 09, 2018

I just bought a 2002 dodge ram with on 57000 miles. I love this truck so far. And they are working with me on the down payment to make it a little easier on my pocket. So far so good.

Renee Williams
November 09, 2018

Not today but a few years back we bought a GMA envoy for cash. About 8000 dollars. Had to put new tires on. 800 dollars and a few months later included it in a carfax when we bought another car. Only to find a warning to not buy the envoy because it looked like the odometer had been tampered with. Before we bought it it had 75k miles more with the last oil change then it had then. So they tampered with the odometer and sold it to us. Had tons of problems with the envoy since it was 225 k miles when we bought it. Took all our savings and scammed us with a lemon.


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