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JCP Salon

771 S 30th St, Heath, OH 43056

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4.2 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
771 S 30th St, Heath, OH 43056

Reviews for "JCP Salon"

Kela King
March 01, 2019

I will not be going back to this salon. A few months back I went in to get waxed. I got my lip, chin, and eyebrows waxed. When she was doing my lip and chin I noticed the wax was pretty hot. I told her and she turned the heat down a bit. Once I got home I didn’t have any scars or anything but when I went to go wash off my face I kept getting this burning sensation on my chin. The next day I started to get a dark red scab on my chin. I called and told her that I have a burn. She says I don’t know how that could have happen. She was sorry that that had happened to me and it must have been something I used once I left. She said maybe I had a reaction to the face soap i had used. I have been using this same face soap for years. I have also been waxed there before a few times and washed my face after and I never got those scars. She said she was going to write it down and “put it in my file” like I was at a doctors office or something. She never once really taken any responsibility for it. I didn’t go back after that. They are also over priced. I sent $35 For the wax

Rylan Farmer
January 12, 2019

Went in to give them a try since my stylist was full. I was not impressed by the haircut at all so I went in to get it fixed. They did salvage the haircut the best they could. But refused to refund my money after it was an inconvenience for me to have to go back in. I even tipped the second girl for her time and they still didn’t care to refund any of the original purchase price for the hair cut. So I ended up being out $30 instead of $25 for their mistake. Wouldn’t recommend them due to their inconsideratation of people’s time and business morals.

Louis Raffelson
February 15, 2019

Excellant job. First time there, Rachel did a scissors cut and turned out great. I'll be a return customer.

Alexander Bishard
February 15, 2019

Great salon! My wife, Rachel is an awesome stylist!

Marilyn Mansonique
November 06, 2018

The cost of a simple haircut here is seriously overpriced, especially when the stylists do not do an adequate job. $38 really!? Even the "master" stylists do a lousy job at cutting hair. Don't waste your time or money.


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