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K & C Cycle

1067 National Rd SE, Hebron, OH 43025

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3.8 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
1067 National Rd SE, Hebron, OH 43025

Reviews for "K & C Cycle"

Andrew Thomas
August 13, 2018

Al, K&C Cycle owner/operator, has lost my trust and respect as a motorcycle mechanic. I took my '03 YZ450F Supermotard to K&C for a full service, valve adjustment, front fork rebuild, and carb tune-up, under the assumption that Al was the best guy for the job given his qualification as a Yamaha licensed dealer and service-provider, as well as his racing experience on both Yamaha and Ducati sportbikes (I own one of each and perform most of my own mechanical work). Al called me after one week to tell me that my bike was "ready to go," but that he couldn't get it to start and wanted me to come pick it up. He claimed that the valves were in spec and didn't need adjusted, and that he tried to adjust the carb but would prefer that I take the carb off myself and bring it back to him to be cleaned; he also notified me that the coil cap was loose and that I should replace it (not a problem, but if I'm paying shop fees and $70/hr labor, why not replace it while the tank was off for valve service?). Upon returning home I removed the seat to find that the air filter had not been cleaned, and when I pulled the broken coil off and removed the spark plug, I found that the plug had not been replaced either. Al certainly did not perform the services that I paid for, aside from rebuilding the forks. I have no reason to believe that he ever checked the valve clearances given that he did not perform even the most basic parts of the full service.

bob jeffries
May 09, 2018

Talked to Al over the phone about a bike and then drove 2 hrs to look at it. These people are awesome and you wont find better prices. Needless to say I bought the ZX6. Thanks to Al and his wife both!!!!!

James Smith
February 27, 2019

Great folks

david deibel
July 15, 2017

Al and Cristy are about the friendliest people you'll ever meet. They make you feel welcome, like part of the family and they take care of your motorcycling needs...

Katrina Bean
August 23, 2015

Just bought two 2015 Vstar 950's. This is my third bike from a different company. Bought first from ASK (hidden fees everywhere) Bought second from Iron Pony (they just take money off invoice and add it somewhere else to trick you into thinking your getting a good deal, then think they're making up for it with 20% off anything in store). The third times the charm!!! So happy we bought our forever motorcycle's from these fine folks. Yes, Al is set in his ways. He has an odd sense of humor but a really nice guy. Don't act like an ass, make stupid demands and he will be cool with you. NO ONE will call w you to test ride a motorcycle!!! They are on the showroom floor dry! You wouldn't want to buy a bike that has been sitting in the floor with all fluids in it for months at a time. Anyone who has a clue about buying a new bike knows this! Best deal we ever received and it didn't take a whole day to buy like everyone else! Got there at 4:45pm and rode off on our new 950's at 6:30pm! Time also included talking. You want a great no non sense deal with no hidden fees, get your new ride here! Yamaha for life!!!!!


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