Pet Motel

Mistyhollow Pet Motel

2700 Opossum Hollow Rd, Newark, OH 43055

About Mistyhollow Pet Motel

3.6 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
2700 Opossum Hollow Rd, Newark, OH 43055

Reviews for "Mistyhollow Pet Motel"

Amber Staten
October 04, 2018

The sweetest lady owns this place! She loves the animals and she treats them like her own. My puppies were happy to stay there.

Allison Starcher
May 27, 2018

Very friendly place. My mom's dog seemed to enjoy his stay. I got a courtesy call asking if we were close because she would wait for us if we were because we weren't sure what time we would be home on Saturday. That was a plus. The only issue I had was the fact that I was told 20 dollars a night but I was charged by the day so it was 20 more than I was told. overall total dog people!

Tessa cleveland
June 25, 2018

We have been taking our dog and cat to this kennel for over a year now and the people are nice but they love to rip you off... we dropped our animals off at 10 am Saturday and we weren't able to make it back in town in time to get them sunday evening when I called them to let them know they 1st had said my dog was 20 a day and then they changed it to 25 a day and my cat is 13 a day and it was 12 when we went on vacation in December. Well we ended up picking them up Monday before 10 am and was thinking it would be 76 since it was 2 days and here they charged us 95 for 2 1/2 days! How in the world is it 2 1/2 days when your only opened from 2:30 - 4:30 on sudays?? There is no way you would get charged the right amount, they just love to take your money and I use to love this kennel but they have now lost our business and in December they made almost 400 from us taking our vacation so now another kennel will be getting our business and my husband got to go back to where they let the dogs out at and he said it was very depressing and grim and he didn't feel comfortable leaving our dog there anymore. My in-laws use this place too and they have said they have gotten ripped off from them as well and they do not like the area where they let their animals out at either. They had me very upset when I picked up my animals and they obviously do not appreciate their customers.

Edward Wood
September 21, 2018

We take our dog here several times a year.

Kolee Kellogg Jungers
August 15, 2017

I highly recommend Misty Hollow Pet Motel. We have a very sweet but very needy husky dog, she requires lots of attention or she'll try to run away- even scaling chain link and breaking crates. We've been to boarders all around the country, with mixed success. Usually at the end of a long board, our dog is stinky and a little shaken, once she even scraped the fur from her snout trying to escape. We tried Misty Hollow for the first time this past week and were very impressed. The facility is a converted house next to the owners home and offers a home like experience for dogs in a rural setting away from busy roads (which is why we initially chose them for our escape artist). It was obvious from the initial booking call that MH was different kind of boarder from your typical larger facility or vet, the owner talked to me at length when I called, getting to know me and our quirky dog. I was so comforted by the personal touch! The same came when we dropped our dog off and a very kind employee took time to meet and give attention to our dog. If you are a dog person and animal lover, which I am, you can recognize other animal lovers, and everyone I met at MH was absolutely wonderful. When we picked her up today, after a 6 day stay, our dog was happy, smelled great, meaning her kennel was nice and clean and it was obvious that she had formed relationships with the people there. I should mention that they are also quite inexpensive, about 1/3 less than we usually pay for boarding. We will absolutely use Misty Hollow again and are so grateful to have a safe and loving boarder to look after our challenging dog.


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