Muddy Creek Saloon

1314 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

About Muddy Creek Saloon

4.4 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
1314 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

Reviews for "Muddy Creek Saloon"

Jane Priest
February 06, 2019

Muddy Creek is always a great place to go for the bands. The prices for the beers and food are reasonable compared to some of the other ones around Heath / Newark area. You can go to there Facebook page for information. The weekend events calendar is usually updated showing what is going on for that week.

Brenda Payne
December 27, 2018

Entertainment was awesome! Food was amazing! Staff was very polite, very clean place and atmospheric! Definitely going back!

Dawna Hawkins
December 03, 2018

BEST place I've found for life music and pool! The Staff here is excellent! Clean bathrooms, even!

H Harris
February 14, 2019

*edit to reply to this business that replied to my review* I enjoyed the show, but they told me the tap was broken... Someone was coming from TEXAS to fix... Okay... So i ordered a can of beer, $2.50... Ok expensive for a can of bud but whatever. Decided next to do a "bucket" of beers. Figured i would save a buck or 2 but no.. 6 beers for $15 is still $2.50 each. I just wanted a few draft beers as thats usually cheaper but feel that they said the tap was broken on the night of the show so they could wax on CANS OF BEER. I wont be back. I will also add that i did pay a cover to get in so a concert night shouldnt constitute more expensive beer... Especially with no draft option. *so now youre telling me the draft is still broken? What bar cant you order a draft at for WEEKS? This wasnt a ''national'' show, it was a band from columbus... I know that draft beer is cheaper for yall, hense cheaper for me, the patron. Ive been to nationwide arena and paid $12 for a beer (they have a can AND draft option), but this is some bar in heath, not a venue. Also, any cover fee should include the "markup" for having the show there 🙄🙄 annnnd when i buy six at a time in the "bucket" yes, i expect to get a better deal.*

Nathaniel Palmer
November 03, 2018

Good place to hang out friendly staff and for being bar food that was pretty good also. Great choice and live music and very large area to have fun.


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