Pioneer Restaurant

50 E Columbus Rd, Utica, OH 43080

About Pioneer Restaurant

4 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
50 E Columbus Rd, Utica, OH 43080

Reviews for "Pioneer Restaurant"

Coply Hazen
February 04, 2018

New name, Rivers Edge Grill. New owners, remodeled inside Changed all the decor and menu. Definitely better than old restaurant. Will be going to this one,more than twice, great place..

Debbie Robertson
February 06, 2018

This place just changed hands, i will never go back... the restrooms are disgusting... our waitress was very rude... it took us 10 minutes just to get our drink order it took 25 minutes just to order our food... they were not busy at all so should not have taken that long to get drinks or food... I asked for extra napkins and it was like pulling teeth to get them I asked for more coffee that never did come and we left... the food was not good... The restaurant up the street is much better and much cleaner and better service... i will give Watts resturant my business....sad....

Robert Shimp
January 03, 2018

Pioneer is not what it used to be. Used to love going there. But now they are on the downhill slope. The food is getting the shotty. The help is just plain out mean at times. And the prices they just keep going up in the quality of the food keeps going down. I hope this place changes back to wow that used to be before it gets shut down.

Matthew Yuhasz
March 05, 2018

Very good food. Was a bit crowded. Great staff.

Rainy Brown
February 07, 2018

Pioneer has changed and is now Rivers Edge. They are still undergoing construction. I like the new menu however my steak was very fatty and had that grisly membranes through it. Hubby's medium well was quite pink! Prices are quite reasonable. We will give it another try.


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