Bowling Alley

Redskin Lanes & Pizza Pub

100 N Washington St, Utica, OH 43080

About Redskin Lanes & Pizza Pub

4.6 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
100 N Washington St, Utica, OH 43080

Reviews for "Redskin Lanes & Pizza Pub"

TheLynx 084
January 08, 2019

Just a fun place to be

Laura McBride
April 28, 2018

As always this is a great place ,never a dull moment on our Friday night league,sadly the season ended last night other than our banquet,but look forward to a new season ?

Robert Shimp
January 03, 2018

The owner is a very rude inconsiderate person. As I was correcting my own child a 4 year old the owner started yelling at my child. I will personally never go there again I would rather drive wherever else just so I never have to see someone that would disrespect a four year old child. I hope that the owner goes bankrupt and loses everything because of how he spoke to my child.

brandon harvel
April 30, 2018

Great pizza good price.

it's your boi the Savage eye in the savages eye
April 02, 2018

Thanks for letting me bowling there


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