BBQ Restaurant

Route 62

580 W Coshocton St, Johnstown, OH 43031

About Route 62

4 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
580 W Coshocton St, Johnstown, OH 43031

Reviews for "Route 62"

Charlie Kenimer
January 17, 2019

This place is amazing. We had the wings and pulled chicken because they were out of ribs, and that was no mistake. The buffalo wings were the best wings I've ever had, and I don't say that lightly at all. I've had wings from all over the place. These were smoked and fried, giving them great flavor and texture. Wow, yes, and thank you very much. Also Sean was very kind to us, let us try a few things we didn't order. Go to 62. You won't regret it.

Carlos Dye
February 15, 2019

First time visiting there. Nice pleasant lady helped with my order. Beef brisket was good as well as the spicy greens. Good lunch place

Barry Hill
November 16, 2018

Had the urge for some BBQ. Stopped in and ordered some pulled pork, cheesy potatoes and of course baked beans. The pork was nice and Smokey and lots of it. You get a bun or it can be naked. Take it naked and try all the sauces, I like the original. Cheesy potatoes have a lot of cheese in them and are super tasty. Best thing out of the group is the baked beans, they have 4-5 different beans in them, good seasoning in them. I could sit and just drink the sauce from them. A super Smokey flavor that is addictive. Staff is super friendly.

Mark Kenimer
January 17, 2019

Got here about 20 minutes before they closed and they were sold out of most things- only had shredded chicken and wings left so we got both. Shredded chicken was wonderful- some seriously good smoky flavor- the wings though were beyond belief...smoked then fried, these wings were perfectly done with excellent flavor, then we got some with their buffalo which was also excellent- a bit hotter than most mediums and all the buffalo flavor a man could desire- would highly recommend the bbq sauces as well- was particularly fond of the spicy variety. fries were also great, beef stew wasn't really up my ally, it had green beans, peas, carrots, and not heaps of beef, but I'm not a huge veg guy- we also tried the chocolate creme cake which was quite good- not heaps of flavor though. If you want their famous ahead as they generally sell out pretty early. All in all would highly recommend- a small town, big flavor, great value joint.

Constance Shults
February 13, 2019

Great food. Their macaroni is the best there is. Definitely recommend eating here


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